Coached Team Rides and Training Events

The ultimate goal in having a corporate team is to develop a cohesive group of cyclists who ride together frequently and safely. Along with that, all of the knowledge, skills, training and safety needs to be both demonstrated and reinforced. Inviting others who are not from the company can be a great way to involve family, friends and individuals from other firms.

Today, cycling is much like golf in the way networking opportunities abound. The general demographic of the cycling population is professional, technical, managerial, executive, upper income individuals.

Having a strong team that is professionally coached can be great for a company’s public image. Those types of teams usually have a very distinct riding style and are quite noticeable even in a large ride like the MS150.

As part of the Bike Medicine Program, each team rider gets one on one instruction, on the bike. Group rides are closely supervised learning experiences, Riders get to practice techniques until they are second nature. We rigidly enforce a no rider dropped policy. We employ a ride management system in which faster riders are required to turn around after a speed interval in order to return to the slower group. That way, everyone gets the workout that they need. Everyone leaves together, everyone returns together. This method prevents frustration while building team cooperation.

Bike Medicine offers a full spectrum of corporate cycling coaching, team development, performance and safety training.
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