Nutritional Training Program

Proper nutrition, food choices and preparation are a cornerstone of athletic performance and long term wellness.

Marian Bell specializes in changing your relationship with food. Her Nutritional Performance Training Program offers the most up to date information on nutrition, including carbohydrates, organic, gluten-free, and adding raw to your daily food plan.

Marian's results oriented methods rewire old habits that are only working against your athletic performance and/or weight-loss goals. She will teach you how to read labels, prepare proven, goal oriented recipes, and so much more!

Marian Bell will conduct segments of the Bike Medicine Corporate Training Program. She is also available for personal consultation and classes.

The Bike Medicine Nutritional Performance Training Program

WEEK 1: Introduction

What is Performance Nutrition?

How to Change Your Habits

Mapping a Personal Plan

Truth or Myth about Food, Health and Diet 

WEEK 2: Breakfast

Waking Up with more Vitality

How to Start your Day with a great Breakfast 

WEEK 3: Lunch & Snacks

Menu Planning Basics: Mixing & Matching Foods for Maxi-Nutrition

Your Personal Menu Plan 

WEEK 4: Dinner & Dining Out

Delights and Dangers of Dining Out

What to Seek and avoid

Staying On Track

Next Step To a Healthier You

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