At the Bike Medicine Performance Camps we focus on providing you with performance increases, unique insights and serious skills boosting from expert instructors, coaches and professional team practitioners.  We give both new and seasoned riders a rich variety of proven professional race team methods and techniques, all designed to increase their cycling capabilities and knowledge.

In two and a half days, packed with solid cycling learning, personal instruction and take home reference materials we will expand your horizons and change the way you ride a bike forever. Plus we do everything in a very nurturing and enjoyable atmosphere. After all, it is about becoming a much better cyclist and having a lot of fun while you do it.

You will have the opportunity to practice all of the skills and techniques with highly experienced instructors, taking the time to work directly with you. We don't just simply explain, we do it with you, until you get it right.

In our experience, the combination of a higher skill level, a structured annual training program and access to professional know-how, produces safer, stronger and faster cyclists. Also, the highly skilled and trained riders stay in the sport for a much longer time. Cycling is a truly lifelong activity with profound wellness benefits. Our camps will show you how to get the most out of it.

The Bike Medicine camps take place across two and a half days. Usually we hold a half day orientation, bike check, assessment and classroom session on Friday afternoon. Then on Saturday and Sunday, we deliver the payload. Each weekend morning is a technical briefing, then the rest of the day is spent on teaching skills and techniques, practicing to perfection, followed by a solid road ride to put the new knowledge to use.

Bike Medicine offers a full spectrum of corporate cycling coaching, team development, performance and safety training.
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