• How to buy the best bike for you. What is good equipment, what is not and avoiding gimmicks.
  • Handle your bike like a skilled racer. Learn and practice the 27 critical skills that separate racers from most riders.
  • Getting the most out of a paceline. How to be safe and predictable in group riding situations. Plus, how to use the wind and road conditions to your advantage.
  • Relaxation techniques - One of the main keys to performance and control on the bike.
  • Spotting problem riders during an event and how to stay safe by avoiding accidents.
  • Training with a plan for a successful season and beyond. Periodization and goals. The annual training plan and monthly training schedule.
  • How and what to eat to boost performance, recover, or lose weight. Why the pros don't use packaged food products.
  • Eating and drinking on the bike. How to handle various foods and drinks safely.
  • Power meters, heart rate monitors, computers and cadence.
  • The bike fit demystified. The critical component in form, power delivery, comfort and injury prevention explained.
  • The 10 most important maintenance items.
  • The pro team bike wash system. How to totally clean, detail and mechanically inspect your bike in ten minutes.
  • Roadside repairs. What to do after the unexpected happens, to get back riding.

Each Bike Medicine Performance Camp session is limited to 10 participants. That way we can devote adequate time and personal attention to each rider. Bike Medicine wants to provide a tremendous level of value, a rich training experience and a wide set of skills to last a lifetime.


With the range of skills and learning opportunities, cyclists of any level can come away with new knowledge and capabilities that they can put to use immediately.


Approved helmets are to be worn at all times you are on your bike. Wear protective eyewear when on your bike. Use a good sunscreen. Your road or mountain bike must be in good mechanical order. We strongly suggest having a bike computer with a cadence feature. It is recommended that you have 2 waterbottle cages on your bike. Clipless pedals are required for the camp. Make certain that your cleats are in good condition. You are responsible for having a spare tube, inflation, a folding toolset and tire levers.


Bike Medicine provides a plentiful and nutritious lunch each day of the camp. If you have any special dietary needs, please inform us in advance of the course. We can happily accommodate Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, Hallal, Diabetic, or anything else within reason.


Camp days can possibly be broken up across non-consecutive days if necessary to meet a schedule for a group. This must be pre-arranged before the start of your camp session.


Any health problems or concerns must be disclosed before the start of your camp session.

The cost of the camp is $499 per participant. Call (281)561-7499 for camp details and availability in your area!

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