Advanced Safety, Handling and Skills Courses

Basic safety is taught by organizations like the League of American Bicyclists.  Their course that is delivered to the corporate teams gives the riders a rudimentary, barely workable set of skills, and not enough time to practice to competency. Race team training employs a similar skills package, but goes much further in both the knowledge base and execution. If the corporate team rider is able to acquire a similar set of skills, with enough practice, safety is tremendously enhanced, thereby lowering the incident of accidents.

We offer a multi-day highly comprehensive course to teach bike skills and handling, along with coached team training rides to hone and enforce the skills training. The Bike Medicine Program features 16 hours of intense hands-on skills, safety and handling training. Our goal is to train riders far beyond the normal skill range for most cyclists. That enhances safety and helps keep everyone riding on a long-term basis.

Bike Medicine offers a full spectrum of corporate cycling coaching, team development, performance and safety training.
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