Professionally Designed, Progressive Monthly Training Schedules

When preparing cyclists for a successful season it is critical to have a training program that is designed for incremental progress, with training set up in all of the correct patterns to cause a growth in fitness and to avoid overtraining or injury. That is the concept of periodization, the way that bike racers train every year. For the corporate cyclist, we set up step-by-step accomplishable goals to prevent burnout, over training, injury, or loss of interest.

All training programs are designed to produce a competent, physically fit and motivated rider. Everyone receives a detailed monthly training schedule that has the daily workouts, plus states the goals for that month. All team members will be given a professionally compiled training manual that details all workouts and methodology.

The goal is to keep the cyclists active, healthy and on a continuous growth path, on a year round basis. Sports activity in a venue like cycling has a dramatic impact upon the employee in the work environment. They are happier, healthier and far more team oriented. Plus, there are much fewer sick days and long term health costs are generally reduced.

Negative life style choices like smoking, excessive drinking and drugs seem to be greatly minimized in the cycling community.

By keeping all of the corporate team members riding their bikes throughout the year, the health and wellness benefits are amplified and the company is able to enjoy the results.

Bike Medicine offers a full spectrum of corporate cycling coaching, team development, performance and safety training.
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